Facilities & Prices

All staff are trained according to International Cat Care (formally FAB), our cattery is operated according to their policies.

We have 47 chalets licensed at the highest standard to hold 2 cats and 6 of these can hold up to 4 cats from the same family.
The Chalets: full view of garden, thermostat controlled heating, shelving, beds, toys, scratch posts, gaps between chalets so they don’t feel crowded, outer Perspex windows to stop harsh weather, you cat has everything they will possibly need. We even have stairs for our older clients! All chalets open onto safety corridor.

Each chalet will have a full daily clean with disinfectant and all beds will be brushed (if they feel like getting out of them!). Once a cat leaves the cattery all soft furnishings will be washed at high temperature with disinfectant and the chalet will be fully disinfected with cat friendly disinfectant ready for the next arrival.

Music is played through the cattery during the day, we have bird feeders for the cats to watch to prevent boredom and over grooming.

Medication: We do not charge extra for administration of medication and we will treat your cat as our own, if they need veterinary treatment we will always try to use your own vets but in cases where we cannot we will take them to our own vets. We are happy to give injections, inhalers, creams and tablets.

The kitchen

Due to the high volume of different types of new dry cat food on the market we will now only be able to supply two main brands of dry food.

The two brands we have chosen to stock are Purina One and Hills Science Plan. We will stock the full range of both brands. (Please note this is not the Hills Vet Essential or prescription range).

In addition to these we will also be supplying 5 types of Royal Canin Dry food due to their popularity at the cattery  – Indoor 27, Fit 32, Sensible 33, Maine Coon & British Shorthair.

Wet food we will be supplying will be the following brands – Felix, Whiskas, Sheba, Gourmet & Applaws. We will try to supply all types of these brands.

We regret that if you need or want to supply your own dry or wet cat food there will be no reduction in the daily boarding rate.

If your cat is used to a different food at home and you are happy for us to supply the food for their stay, we will use the “most similar” range we have available.

Full list of dry food available:

Hills Science Plan: 


  • Kitten food with chicken


  • Hairball adult cat food with chicken
  • Adult cat food with chicken
  • Light adult cat food with chicken
  • Oral care adult cat food with chicken


  • Mature adult 7+ cat food with chicken
  • Light mature adult 7+ cat food with chicken
  • Senior 11+ cat food with chicken

Purina one:


  • Kitten/ junior (1-12)


  • Sensitive
  • Light
  • Indoor formula
  • Coat & Hairball


  •  Senior cat 7+

Royal Canin:

  • Indoor 27
  • Fit 32
  • Sensible 33
  • Maine Coon
  • British Shorthair

Wet cat food:

Felix (Adult & kitten), Whiskas (Adult & kitten), Gourmet, Sheba & Applaws


All costs shown are charged per night, please see arrival and departure times (including VAT).

1 cat £15.00
2 cats sharing £24.00
3 cats sharing £32.40
4 cats price upon request

Sharing cats must be from the same household

We also offer a collection/ delivery service – price upon request


We keep daily records charting each cat’s litter tray activity, feeding record and general wellbeing. This is to ensure that we are aware of any problems and we can react to situations quickly and accordingly. You are welcome to see a copy of our record when you collect your cat although these will be destroyed after their stay. We also update our Facebook page regularly with pictures of our guests so you can check in on them while they are in our care. We are also happy to keep you updated by e-mail or you are welcome to call us anytime during your holiday.