Portway Cat Grooming is an independent professional cat grooming parlour, it’s a friendly service and we guarantee that each cat will be handled on a one to one basis with their welfare at heart.

Our grooming salon is a climate controlled, safe environment with no dogs!

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The benefits of grooming your cat

Long coated or shorted coated the benefits are the same!

  • Removal of dirt and debris
  • Removal of matts and knots
    • Which is these are left unattended they can become tight against the skin causing soreness rips or tears leaving an open wound which can become infected this is very painful for the cat.
  • Helps with shedding old coat, under coat and dead skin cells
    • Less fur means, less fur balls, less fur on you and around your home…so everyone benefits.
  • Skin conditions, fleas, ticks, cuts, lumps and abnormalities may be noticed while grooming.
  • Stimulation of the blood flow and secretion of the natural sebaceous oil throughout the skin and fur giving a lovely look and much healthier skin and coat.
  • Ears, eyes and nose will be cleaned, claws clipped if necessary.

Grooming is therapeutic, helping to relax the cat and getting it used to being handled and building a trust loving relationship between the cat and the groomer.

Why not end the groom with a shower and hand dry leaving a happier, cleaner, healthier cat!

Price List

All prices are given on consultation

Claw clipping £9.60 (inc VAT)

Full grooms approximately £72 (inc VAT)

All full grooms include removal of matts and knots, full undercoat removal, bath, hand dry, claw clipping, cleaning of ears, eyes and nose.

Each groom is assessed individually and a price will be given on arrival or at a pre-booked consultation. Grooms start at £50 (+ VAT) that is dependant on behaviour of the cat and condition of the coat.
We generally allow 2 hours per groom, although this can be longer or shorter depending what is required. We allow 2 hours per cat so we can take the groom at the cats pace and allow breaks to reduce your cats stress. We will call you when your cats groom is complete and they are ready for collection.
We do not allow owners to wait with their cats (unless agreed before booking the appointment) as the cats can become more stressed with their owner present. We find the cats are calmer, more relaxed and more handle-able away from their owners.
If you have a long haired cat or a flat faced breed such a Persian we would recommend having a groom done as early as possible. Whilst this will be a very gentle procedure (and not charged as a full groom) it is a great way to getting them used to be handled and we can show you correct ways of keeping on top of their coats.
Our professional groomer Carol is trained to spot signs of stress and will stop immediately. The cats will be given a break during the groom (offered food/ water if allowed & litter tray) and the groom will continue if the cat has calmed down. If not we would stop the groom and work out a plan with the owner going forward.
Cats do like water, just not in their ears and eyes. We use a very gentle shower hose over a basin that is specifically for cat grooming. The water pressure is low and everything is done at a pace your cat can cope with. Many cats have extremely greasy coats which benefit greatly from a bath and hand blow dry.
We have plenty of space on site at the cattery so your cat can stay until you are ready to collect them that day. Often people drop their cat on their way to work and collect on the way home.
Brushing knots/ matts out of a cats coat can be horribly painful so often we will suggest shaving these knots out and then keeping on top of them. Cats have very sensitive skin which will become red and bruised if you try to pull knots out of them.
Unfortunately although Carol is trained to the master cat groomer/ handler level there will be cases where she is unable to groom cats. We would always call you and talk through a plan so we can hopefully get your cat more comfortable with the grooming procedure. Collection & Delivery service available